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Social and Digital Marketing

Catered to Small Business, Artists and Entrepreneurs 

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You need a Website, a digital profile, a presence on Google, Social profiles, a place Online where thousands of clients and customers can find your services. But where do you start?

You start here.

Services include:

WIX Website Design

Shopping Cart, Bookings, Social Integration, 0% commission Restaurant Order Platform, Analytics and Reporting, SEO, CRM + 100s of App Integrations.

Analytics & Reporting

Social Media Management

Brand analyses messaging strategy, identifying effective platforms, scheduling messages, conversation management, ad placements

Local Search Optimization

Google, Bing, Yelp, Maps

Photography & Branded

Content Creation

Marketing Consultation


"Myrna's bold and intuitive way of thinking keeps her at the forefront of what's happening in the world of marketing and social media relations, her creative and media savvy approach is always in tune with the pulse of today's social media climate. She is resourceful and she thinks outside of the box in ways that foster positive collaboration and ingenuity. Myrna was a pleasure to work with."

Jarell Mosley, Director, Make-up Designory

"Myrna has a great understanding of what it takes to market in today's environment. Her skills with social media have really worked for the Funrise brands. She comes up with great ideas and puts them to work!"

Shirley Price, President & COO Funrise

Myrna has become THE VOICE of the brand that is heard worldwide. There is no task too small or too complicated for Myrna. She has the perfect blend of creativity and project implementation that gets the job done in a way that speaks volumes. Because of her passionate efforts, last year's sales were record breaking.

Svenya Nimmons, Multi-Cultural Marketing Professional

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